Roller Bearing

  1. Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    Cylindrical Roller Bearing is known for its high load carrying capacity, excellent stiffness, low friction, ability to accommodate axial displacement and separable & interchangeable nature. It is designed having two separate rings that are separated by a set of cylinders supported by a rib or cage. This separating layer is known to act as a support structure which also reduces overall frictional force. It finds its application in pumps, wind turbines, and motorcycles.
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  2. Roller Bearings

    These Roller Bearings are high in demand for use in material handling equipments. Ensure smooth movement of conveyors, these bearings are made of best quality materials. Offered in standard dimensions, these bearings have anti- abrasion finish. Our entire stock of bearings is completely protected from corrosion and wearing. Before the final delivery in market, these bearings are tested for their strength and durability.
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  3. Precision Tapered Roller Bearings

    Precision Tapered Roller Bearings are designed to be used in metal cutting machine spindles, high speed rolling mills, racing cars, & high speed turbochargers. They consist of a number of tapered rollers with inner & outer rings. These bearings are capable to withstand heavy axial & radial loads without any damage to the installed assembly. The rollers in these bearings are separated with the help of retainer casing.
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  4. Four Rows Tapered Roller Bearing

    Four Rows Tapered Roller Bearing has the capability to bear combined axial & radial loads at low to moderate speeds. Known for its improved wear resistance, it is suitable to be used in rolling mills and pellet presses. This bearing consists of two double inner races, two single & one double outer race, and their respective spacers. Its design assures uniform load distribution on all the rollers and supports hydrodynamic lubricant film formation.
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  5. Thrust Roller Bearing

    Thrust Roller Bearing is ideal to be used for heavy duty applications and when there is difficulty in maintaining housing deflection or shaft alignment. It is designed having spherically contoured rollers that are arranged in steep angular position. With the ability to accommodate high thrust loads, this bearing finds its application in screw conveyors, metal mill works, gearboxes, classifiers, & extruders. Due to its internal self alignment feature, it can compensate with shaft deflections & housing distortions.
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  6. Taper Roller Bearing

    Taper Roller Bearing is designed to be utilized in automobiles, industrial machines, and mining, construction, & agricultural equipment for supporting large radial & axial forces. This bearing is used for heavy duty application machines that are operated at moderate speed. It is made having a tapered surface enclosed by an alloy made smooth ring. This assembly is generally separable in nature and can serve as great thrust bearing.
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  7. Tapered Roller Bearing

    Tapered Roller Bearing is suitable to be used in car wheels, industrial machines, axle systems, gearboxes, and construction & mining equipments. It has the capability to cope up with vertical & horizontal forces. This roller bearing is also considered as good thrust bearing and is made using supreme quality steel alloy to assure its mechanical strength and durable. It is completely suitable to be used for moderate speed and heavy duty applications. 
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  8. Double Rows Tapered Roller Bearing

    Double Rows Tapered Roller Bearing is comprised of double cups & two single cones and might or might not be installed with spacer. It is ideal to be used for both fixed positions & as a float in the housing bore. This roller bearing is utilized in numerous industrial applications and heavy duty gear drives. It is known for its high load carrying capacity, capability to withstand both directions axial loads, consistency of roller profiles, and low friction. 
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