Non Standard Bearing

  1. Bicycle Bearing

    This Bicycle Bearing is highly appreciated for its precise dimensions. Can be an ideal replacement for the rear axle bearing, racing bicycle as well as mountain bike, these bearings are made of robust quality metal alloys. Completely protected from corrosion, these bearings have high load bearing strength. Accurate in dimensions, these are available for clients in standard dimensions to meet their exact needs.
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  2. Skate Bearing

    Skate Bearing is required for mounting wheels to the axle in skateboard for its smooth movement. It is designed having a circular structure made of supreme quality steel alloy to assure its high impact & wear resistance. This bearing is comprised of C-ring, bearing shield, outer & inner rings, steel balls & their retainer, and rubber seal. It is highly appreciated for its proper torque generation even at low speed.
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  3. Power Tool Bearing

    This Power Tool Bearing is specifically made of shock resistant material and components. These bearings are offered to clients in standard sizes and dimensions to meet their diverse requirements. Made of supreme quality materials, these bearings are high in impact strength and durable in quality. Widely used in various power tools and equipments for their hassle free functioning, these bearings are stringently tested for their quality before the final delivery.
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  4. Fishing Reel Bearing

    This Fishing Reel Bearing is specifically made of supreme quality ceramic material as it is lighter than steel. Hard in design, this bearing is virtually frictionless as it is non-porous in nature. Completely free from corrosion or rusting, these bearings ensure high precision fishing. Excellent smooth- running characteristics of these bearings make them ideally suited for quality reels. Require less lubrication, these bearings are abrasion resistant in nature.
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  5. Washing Machine Bearing

    Our wide stock of Washing Machine Bearing is offered to clients in standard dimensions and sizes to meet their diverse requirements. These bearings are the best replacement parts for varied types and models of washing machines. Sure to enhance the working of washing machines, these bearings are waterproof in quality. Easy to install, these are accurate in their dimensions.
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  6. Vacuum Cleaner Bearing

    This Vacuum Cleaner Bearing is strong in design and precise in dimensions. Highly compatible for use with a wide range of vacuum cleaning machines, these bearings are wisely made of best quality materials in complete compliance with the industry standards. These bearings are rust proof in finish and completely enclosed for protection from dirt and dust. We offer these bearings to clients in standard dimensions.
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  7. Water Pump Bearing

    Water Pump Bearing is the best replacement part for motors and pumps. These bearings are specifically developed for use in varied models and specifications of water pumps. Under the strict supervision of senior professionals, these bearings are precisely machined and forged for added strength and durability. These bearings are durable in quality and sturdy in designs.
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  8. Clutch Release Bearing

    This Clutch Release Bearing is high in demand in automotive industry as the best replacement spare parts. These bearings ensure the excellent performance of clutch in machines. Made of best quality metal alloys, these bearings are forged precisely for added strength and durability. Available for clients in standard sizes and dimensions for easy installation, these bearings are wear proof in surface finishing.
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  9. Ceramic Bearing

    Ceramic Bearing is highly preferred in electrical equipments for their shock proof designs. These are lighter and harder as compared to steel bearings. These are specifically manufactured for applications where high speeds & loads and extreme temperatures are crucial factors. Non- porous and non- magnetic in nature, these bearings have long life and require minimal lubrication that make them highly preferred for extreme applications.
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  10. EMQ Bearing

    EMQ Bearing is specifically designed to provide quiet and smooth operation in electric motors. These electric motor quality (EMQ) bearings are available for clients in various configurations including open and single or double sealed or shielded types to meet clients’ diverse needs. Individually packaged with premium quality grease, these bearings meet the high demands for the electric motor market. These bearings are offered to clients at competitive price.
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  11. OEM Bearings

    These OEM Bearings are specifically designed for use in automotive and agricultural industry. These bearings are wisely made according to the OEM specifications of industry for replacing the original spare part. Our entire stock has a wide range of bearings, available for clients in standard dimensions. These are sturdy in designs and easy to install. In addition, these are also epoxy powder coated for long term protection against corrosion.
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  12. Air Conditioner Bearing

    Air Conditioner Bearing is highly acclaimed for its accurate dimensions and smooth surface finishing. The bearing is responsible for hassle free working of air conditioners. The best replacement parts for varied models and types of air conditioners. These bearings are manufactured in complete compliance with the industry standards using best in quality materials procured from reputed vendors of market.
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