Hub Bearing

  1. Automobile Wheel Hub Bearing

    Auto mobile Wheel Hub Bearing is required to assure smooth and hassle free driving on all kinds of roads. It is installed between the brake drums & drive axle and serves as a support for wheel to be bolted. This bearing also assures easy rotation for the non-drive wheels. It is known to provide quiet & steady turning of car tires. This hub is mounted to the holding bracket from the chassis on its axle side.
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  2. Automobile Hub Bearing

    Automobile Hub Bearing is an automobile assembly utilized in four-wheelers including cars, trucks, and construction vehicles. It has the ability to be torqued according to the vehicle’s specifications to prevent failure. Wheels are mounted on the bearings in order to generate power for the tire to move. It is fabricated using supreme grade cast iron to assure its excellent mechanical strength and is treated with hot dip galvanized technology to provide corrosion resistance. 
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  3. Spindle Hub Bearing

    Spindle Hub Bearing is designed to be installed in the car wheels to assure their seamless movement and compatibility on all kinds of road surface. It has the ability to allow free rotation, thus resulting in low friction and wear. This hub bearing is easy to install and is known to have long lasting operational life. It is comprised of a number of rolling balls between inner and outer rings.
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